Tell us – what is your ‘x’?

Post 27: Claire’s been commissioned to write ICSA’s new book on corporate reporting – please send in your requests

Oyez, oyez! Bring out your reporting questions! Oyez, oyez!

Please excuse my declamatory style – but this blog really is a call for questions rather than one of our usual musings on a reporting subject. (And, let’s face it, who could resist the opportunity to write ‘oyez, oyez’.)

So what reporting questions are we looking for? Let me give you a bit of context. The good folks at ICSA, the Governance Institute, have commissioned me to write their new book on corporate reporting. Many of their members have been asking for a publication to help them produce good company reports, so the aim of our book is to do just that.

The last thing we want, come publication in June 2020, is someone to say ‘oh I do wish you’d included something on x’ – so we decided that, after coming up with our own initial chapter list, the best place to start would be to ask all those who might be interested in such a book what subjects they’d like to see covered. And all those, of course, include you, dear reader*.

You may have questions bursting out of your brain already, but if not, then perhaps have a think about what you find most challenging about producing annual reports, where you feel guidance is lacking, and therefore what you’d like to see the book discussing. Send that in and we’ll do our best to cover everyone’s wants.

Talking of wants, we want to make the book as useful as possible (as well as, naturally, a really good read) so in our research we’ll be talking to as many people as we can about their reporting experiences, good and bad, which we’ll share in the relevant chapter (anonymously of course). After all, nothing beats a good case study! So we may come knocking on your door too.

But in the meantime, please tell us: what is your reporting ‘x’?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments box, or send them to me at

* I know that not all our dear readers are involved in producing annual reports – those who aren’t, if you know anyone else who might want to send in a question, please pass our message on.

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